Monday, January 24, 2011

My Online Life

I have always been a designer in one form or another. I ran my own hair design business for over twenty years but was always interested in computers. I have an AAS. degree, Networking certification, Webmaster certification and a BA from GSU. I am also A+ certified for computer repair. I am trained in HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Adobe PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, CSS, FrontPage and others and experienced in graphic illustrator programs such as Flash and Fireworks designer.

I am knowledgeable in WAN and LAN technology's and have experience on various computing platforms, including Windows 95/98/2000/XP ,NT, Novel and UNIX. My excellent planning and communication abilities, natural presentation and sales skills, particularly in areas of technical data and e-commerce issues. Now I am getting my masters in computer science to round out all this knowledge in different aspects of the computer world. Online learning was one of my first experiences at Prairie State College in a computer networking class with web components and I was hooked each time I took a class I was praying that it had some sort of Blackboard components involved, as time went on the online classes got better and better with the input and help from students taking the classes and informing the department of the things they would like to see to the courses.

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